Strange Facts of generating electricity with wind turbine

It is claimed that it is a new invention to generate the electricity by utilizing the wind energy. Renewable energy production and demand growth is gaining momentum in many ways across the world. There is a booming demand of wind power today and all wind energy equipment manufacturers are gearing up to meet the demand and take advantage of it. Renewable energy is one of the hottest things on the market right now but until recently, solar power has been getting most of the attention. While there are plenty of techno gadgets, like solar briefcases and solar laptop chargers, that can have solar power on the run, very few if any items exist for other sources of renewable energy to become portable.


For grid-connected systems, the user will not notice a difference when the wind doesn’t blow. The utility provides electricity when the wind does not blow, and any extra electricity the turbine generates is sent back to the utility system to be used by a neighbor. Off-grid turbines store power in batteries for on-demand use and are often complemented by solar electric panels to provide more consistent generation.

Installers recommend sites with average wind speeds of at least 12 mph, but specific land requirements vary. Zoning codes sometimes impose a minimum requirement on lot size or on the distance a turbine may be placed from a property line and may vary depending on the height of the proposed turbine. Also, it is essential to have a site with unobstructed access to winds, which most often requires higher towers, larger land lots, and non-urban locations. Currently, less than 1% of all small wind turbines are used in urban applications, partly due to zoning restrictions but mostly because wind quality is much poorer in densely built environments. Contact your turbine factory dealer for help navigating the permitting process.

Wind turbines can be used to generate large amounts of electricity in wind farms both onshore and offshore. It is the concept about wind turbines that are big in size work in a better manner, a new kind of air-flow technology may soon be introduced.

There are two types of systems: those connected to the electricity grid (“on-grid”) and those used off-grid (for battery charging) or backup power. Many systems sold today are off-grid, but demand is rising for on-grid systems that essentially use the grid as a battery: When the wind blows, the owner uses electricity from the turbine; when winds are low and consumption is high, the owner uses electricity from the grid. The smallest wind turbines are used in conjunction with solar photovoltaic technology.


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