Have your own electricity with Wind turbines

Wind turbines are used to generate the electricity through utilizing the kinetic energy of the wind. It is getting common now a day to get electricity with the wind turbines. There are two main kinds of wind generators, those with a vertical axis, and those with a horizontal axis. Wind turbines can be used to generate large amounts of electricity in wind farms both onshore and offshore. It is the concept about wind turbines that are big in size work in a better manner, a new kind of air-flow technology may soon be introduced. Apart from other aspects, it will focus on efficiency of blades used in the wind turbines. The technology will help in increasing the efficiency of these turbines under various wind conditions.


Wind turbines are getting popularity among the people so, it is easier to get advantage of this advance technology. Consumers can fix it at home to generate electricity for their private purposes. Small wind turbines are electric generators that use the energy of the wind to produce clean, emissions-free power for individual homes, farms, and small businesses. With this simple and increasingly popular technology, individuals can generate their own power and cut their energy bills while helping to protect the environment. Unlike utility-scale turbines, small turbines can be suitable for use on properties as small as one acre of land in most areas of the country.

It is true to say that a small unit of wind turbine can be installed at your home for your comfort. Some basic steps are stated here for this purpose.

  1. Determine whether the wind resource in your area makes a small wind system economical.
  2. Determine your household electricity needs by checking your monthly or yearly electricity usage.
  3. Find out whether local zoning ordinances allow wind turbine installations.
  4. Purchase and install a wind turbine sized to the needs of your household. The Small Wind Certification Council maintains a list of certified small wind turbines.

The average height of a small wind turbine (of any capacity) is about 80 feet, about twice the height of a neighborhood telephone pole, with a range of 30 to 140 feet. Generator size and tower height are not generally related; a 5-kW turbine could be on a tower anywhere from 30 to 140 feet high. It is a highly efficient way to generate the electricity and appropriate use of the natural resources and new technology.


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